Work Those Glutes in Just Five Minutes

Credit: Unsplash
Because you don’t always have time for a gym visit.

Have I ever mentioned how glad I am that our bodies allow for self-propelled exercise? Like, if you needed equipment and whatnot for every little thing, I probably wouldn’t get any exercise done. It’s especially easy to work your lower body. Bend those legs, flex that back, and you’ll have a pair of egg-squishing thighs before you know it. If you don’t have all day to work those thighs and glutes, though, here’s a quick five-minute routine you can do every day to build some definition.

  1. Bridges: Lay on your back with your knees up, and raise that torso! Slowly curl your lower, middle, and upper back, in that order. Take a deep breath and squeeze your glutes when you’re in the air, and slowly come back down. Do ten of these.
  2. Squats: Stand with your legs shoulder-length apart, bend those knees and reach those glutes back like you’re about to sit down. A staple of leg workouts! Ten of these as well.
  3. Squat into Side Leg Lift: Start doing a squat, but as you raise back up, lift one of your legs out as high as you can (but not higher than your hip). Do ten of these for each leg.
  4. Single Leg Deadlift: Balance on your right foot, extend your left leg behind you, and lean forward while your left leg moves upward. You should make a T-shape. Do ten of these for each leg.
  5. Back Lunge and Lift: With your legs hip length apart, step your left foot back and lower into a lunge. As you lift back up, press down into your right heel to work your hamstring and glute. Ten of these for each leg, and you’re done!