Fitness Gear for the New Year

Credit: Unsplash

Because Santa can’t fit a Peloton in his sack. 

It’s a statistically proven fact that one of the most common New Year’s resolutions is something along the lines of “work out more” or “lose weight.” It’s also a fact that most people don’t stick with New Year’s resolutions, but let’s not be negative Nancies about this. The new decade is here, and it’s a great time for a new you. But you gotta start somewhere, and in this case, that means fresh equipment. Here’s a few ideas for fitness gear to get your year started right. 

Black Mountain Resistance BandsIf you’re a beginner to the world of exercise, it doesn’t hurt to start small. What you need is something cheap, versatile, and portable, and this set of bands fits all three criteria. Five different bands will give you exactly the amount of stretch resistance you’re looking for. 

Yes4All Vinyl KettlebellsA friend of mine once told me that a good kettlebell can aid in all sorts of exercises, and I’m fixing to believe him. The vinyl coating makes these kettlebells easier on you and on your floor, plus it grants extra protection against wear and tear. 

Triple Door Gym 3-in-1 Door TrainerFor when just bolting a bar to your doorframe isn’t good enough, bolt an entire workout system! In addition to pull-ups, this sturdy frame can help you with dips, leg raises, rows, and more. 

Qwesen Jump RopeWhen it’s time to go back to basics, break out the rope. This PVC-coated jump rope features soft foam handles and a tangle-resistant design, and its steel wire skeleton will keep it swinging as fast as you want.