6 Reasons Why Your Workout Felt Like A Waste

Credit: Muscle and Strength

They can’t all be winners.

Finding the energy to workout is already difficult, but sometimes even when you do a workout you’re left feeling like you’ve wasted your time. Whether you felt you didn’t wear the right clothes or maybe you didn’t push yourself hard enough, there are reasons why you feeling your workout was a waste.

One reason you’re left feeling nothing after a workout is because you’re not finishing them right. “You need to leave your body in a neutral position at the end of your workout,” says celebrity fitness expert and certified personal trainer Andrea Metcalf. So that means that you stretch your limbs or use opposing muscles.

Another reason could be you’re not doing the workout that’s right for you. Crossfit and yoga isn’t for everybody, so why not find a workout that fits your likes and abilities. “Don’t just spin the hamster wheel with a program that’s not allowing you to make physical and emotional progress,” says Noah Neiman, certified personal trainer and co-founder of Rumble Boxing in New York City. “The program is either too hard so your form is deficient and you can’t put in the required effort, or it’s too easy and not challenging enough to stimulate growth,” he adds.

Sleep is your friend. If you want to see results and feel that the hard work you’re putting in the gym is worth it then make sure you get the right amount of sleep. If sleep isn’t as easy to come by then try taking a break from the gym and call it a recovery day.