Stressed? Try Yoga!

Credit: ThinkStock

A little flexibility goes a long way.

Life can be spontaneous and hectic, and sometimes it feels like I’m being forcefully crammed into a tight ball of sheer nerves. But when I get to a yoga class, my worries slowly but surely melt away, until I am lying on the ground in Shavasana at the end of the class and my mind is an absolute blank space.

Yoga is clinically proven to reduce stress. This age old practice uses a combination of poses, breathing, and meditation to help loosen your mind and body.

By focusing on your breath and your body positioning, your other thoughts slip away into nothingness. The more you concentrate on what is at hand, the more meditative the practice becomes.

The best part of yoga is that anyone can do it, and it is sure to improve your life! If you have never done yoga before, start with a beginner, slow moving class, such as Hatha yoga. Soon, you will see your general peace go up, and the flexibility and balance is a cherry on top of your anti-anxiety pie!