Intermittent Fasting – Challenge Accepted: Day 20

Credit: Good Housekeeping

General improvements and unforeseen benefits.

It’s been about a month since I compressed my eating habits into eight hours out of my entire 24 hour day. Besides the weekends, which I will eat all three meals with my family so I don’t interrupt their eating schedules, I’ve been mostly successful and did not stray from my goal.

My weight loss hasn’t been too significant, but I can proudly say I have lost about five pounds since the start of the challenge and I feel those pounds will stay off even if I stray a few times a month. My energy levels have definitely gone up and I noticed a side-effect I didn’t even consider.

I was diagnosed with psoriasis several years ago, a skin disorder caused by an immune system gone haywire. Well, a few years ago, my psoriasis transformed into psoriatic arthritis, which involves my immune system attacking my joints, causing them to swell and become stiff, similarly to osteoarthritis.

Well, since starting the intermittent fasting challenge, I noticed my joints becoming less stiff in the mornings and my flare-ups have lessened. So on top of feeling more energetic, my flare-ups have lessened and my skin is less red. Furthermore, I didn’t change what I eat too much. I’ll have a cupcake or a popsicle once a day after my meals. I can have pizza and/or a burger, whatever I want. But whatever I put in my mouth, my stomach has gone back to its normal empty size. Even if I wanted to have that extra slice, I wouldn’t be able to fit it in my belly.