Taking Proper Care of Your Skin

Credit: Unsplash

You only get one, after all. 

Pop quiz: what’s the largest organ in your body? If you guessed “stomach,” then you’re wrong and foolish. The correct answer is your skin. With a network of pores and nerve endings, the skin is the first line of defense against physical trauma. As with every other organ in your body, though, it ain’t gonna take care of itself. Keep a few specific things in mind while caring for your skin. 

Firstly, mind what you eat. Certain foods, allergic reactions notwithstanding, can futz with the production of oils in your pores or increase your risk for skin diseases. For healthy skin, eat things like tomatoes, olive oil, green tea, and kale. Salads, basically, I’m telling you to eat salads. 

If you notice acne breakouts while you’re stressed, that’s not a coincidence. High stress levels can really donk up your skin, causing things like acne, rashes, and scales. Obviously, saying “reduce stress” is easier than reducing stress, but whatever you can do to relax will probably help. Except drinking or smoking, definitely don’t do those; they’ll make your skin even worse. 

Keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. Smooth, moist skin sticks together and keeps outside contaminants out better. Keep your showers quick and concise and don’t scrub too much, lest you peel a skin layer. Right after you dry off, apply a moisturizing cream or ointment to really seal that stuff in there. Try not to scratch, rub, or pick at your skin, either, or you’ll flake. 

Finally, get a full night’s sleep every night. People who don’t sleep enough often show premature aging in their skin as well as lessened skin healing ability. When you’re fast asleep, your body sets out to repair any damage incurred during the day, and that includes skin damage. Get a proper eight hours and give your body some time to figure itself out.