How to Sneak Some Exercise in During Work

Credit: Unsplash
Hope you’re good at multitasking.

When you work a desk job, you can spend up to eight hours a day completely stationary in a sitting position. This might surprise you, but that’s not an especially healthy way to live. Of course, you obviously can’t just shirk your job in favor of working out, but then what do you do? Well, if you’re crafty, there are a few ways you can sneak some movement into your work day.

For one thing, whenever you have the opportunity to get up from your desk, you should take it, and take it properly. During a lunch break, for instance, instead of ordering your lunch to be delivered to you, go pick it up yourself. You can get outside, get a nice little walk in, then come back, sit down, and enjoy your food. Same goes for bathroom breaks; when you go to do your business, take a moment before or after the fact to do some quick stretches to get your blood flowing again. No one will notice if you’re gone for an extra couple of minutes. Probably.

Credit: Unsplash

If you’re good at multitasking, there are a few ways you can exercise while doing your regular work. This is a situation where gadgets are especially helpful; balance balls, under-desk steppers and mini-ellipticals, or even just a couple of dumbbells you can curl with your free hand can all help to tide you over between proper workout routines. Even if you don’t have access to gadgetry, there are body weight workouts you can perform at a desk like air-chairing. Your options will expand if you use a standing desk that give you a little extra room to stretch and bend your legs.

Of course, during work, your work should take priority. But if your work isn’t that hard, there’s no reason not to use some of that extra bodily processing power productively, right?