What to Wear During Your Daily Workout

Credit: Unsplash
The pants you wear are just as important as the weights you lift.

We’ve talked a few times about the right kinds of clothes to wear while working out in specific weather conditions, whether it be scorching heat or freezing cold. But if you’re like me, you probably do your fair share of exercising indoors, where the temperature isn’t really as much of a concern. I like being master of the thermostat, what can I say? But even if you’re not working out in extreme temperatures, you should still make sure to wear the right kind of clothes when working out, ones that are conducive to ease of movement and breathability.

Let me start with some friendly advice: whatever you were wearing the rest of the day, you don’t want to wear while working out. Your jeans and button-up shirt look very stylish, certainly, but they breathe like a kid with asthma, and you’re guaranteed to get sweat spots on them that will severely diminish their stylish rating. You should always keep a separate, dedicated set of workout clothes in your closet, and you shouldn’t work out without them.

Credit: Unsplash

Now, as for what kinds of clothes, the name of the game is breathability. You want clothes made of a soft, smooth, flowy material. Cotton is usually your best bet in this regard. You also need to strike a balance on how much they cling to your body; if they’re too tight, they won’t breathe, and you’ll sweat like a pig. Too loose, and you’re liable to trip over yourself mid-workout. A simple cotton t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants should do the job, with a sturdy band to keep them up and a little breathing room in the legs.

Don’t forget to wear proper running shoes if using a treadmill or elliptical. Just because you’re not outside doesn’t mean your feet don’t need proper support and comfort. Improper footwear during strenuous activity could leave you with a rolled heel, which will make it much harder get any exercise done.