Sneak Some Balancing into Your Daily Life

Credit: Unsplash
Maintain your center, even when you’re just brushing your teeth.

How often do you stand on one leg in your daily life? Not very, right? Why would you need to, you have two legs for a reason. But standing on one leg for long stretches of time is a fantastic way to improve your sense of balance. Problem is, when are you going to stand on one leg? What, do you just dedicate a spate of one-legged time, standing in the corner? No, that’s dumb. Instead, try to sneak some one-legged time into your daily routine.

For example, when you’re brushing your teeth in the morning and at night, are you doing anything with your legs? If not, go one-legged! The extra motion up top will give you a little more challenge, encourage you to get better, and the relatively short time it takes to brush your teeth serves as a good timer.

Credit: Unsplash

How about during the day? Do you work at a standing desk? Do you have to wait around a lot at a bus stop or something? How about when you’re just watching TV? These are all great times for some one-legged action. The crux of developing a good sense of balance is making it an unconscious effort rather than a conscious one. It’s harder to maintain good balance when you’re conscious of it, after all.