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Have a proper rest at least once a day.

Stress is an ever-present element in our lives, now more than ever. We’ve already discussed several times about the dangers of excessive stress and what you can do to alleviate it in the moment. But you know what’s better than bringing yourself down from a fit of stress-induced despair? Not having it in the first place. The best way to make that happen is to master the art of relaxation.

Due to current circumstances, I’m sure many of you have had no shortage of sitting and laying down in your life in the last few months. But there’s a difference between just sitting in a chair and relaxing in a chair. Sitting or laying down while working on a computer, for instance, is not relaxing because your mind is still occupied by stressful matters. No matter how demanding your work is, you still need to find time in the day for proper relaxation; no worrying, no tensing, no stress. Even if you can only manage ten minutes a day, that’s still a valuable boost.

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A little bit of rhythmic pressure is a great relaxation asset. If you happen to know/live with a professional massage therapist, then lucky you, because a proper back or shoulder massage can alleviate a large burden of stress. If you don’t, well, just have someone rub your shoulders a bit, or use a personal neck massager. You may be surprised how relaxing a little vibration can be.

The most important element of proper relaxation is to find a space where you won’t be bothered for a few minutes. Maybe it’s in your living room, maybe it’s out on the porch, maybe it’s in the bathtub. Find your happy place, don’t bring your phone with you, and just let the world go by the wayside for a little while. I know a guy with a big bug net and an umbrella on his porch, spends all day out there basking in the sunlight. Now there’s a guy who’s mastered the art of relaxation.