Five Tips To Stay Hydrated This Winter

Credit: VAntage Point

Combat winter dryness with these hydration tips.

We all know that staying hydrated in the summer is important, but it’s easy to let our hydration habits slip in the cooler months. Winter can be extremely dehydrating, especially for our skin and hair, which means it’s critical to keep drinking plenty of water throughout the day. In addition, you may be indulging in more alcoholic drinks this holiday season, and the best way to counteract their effects is to keep hydrated!

Try Warm Water

If you’re too cold to even think about guzzling ice cold water, try warming up a cup with some flavoring like lemon, cinnamon and spices. It will be just as hydrating and will be a pleasant warmer to sip throughout the day.

Limit Caffeine

If you’re like me, your go-to warm beverage in the winter is a cup of coffee. It’s easy to keep drinking cup after cup to stay warm, but try to limit yourself to one or two cups and drink plenty of water before and after each one.

Take Room Temperature Water With You Everywhere

If you’re staying active this winter, whether it’s skiing, walking outside or shoveling snow, make sure you’re keeping hydrated throughout your time outside. You can break a decent sweat even in winter and that will speed up your dehydration even further.

Avoid a Scalding Hot Shower

A super hot shower can feel great after being outside in the cold, but it can be very damaging to your skin. Slowly warm up the temperature once you’re in the shower to adjust your body temperature. When you get out, slather on the lotion and make a big cup of tea or warm water to replenish.

Eat Salt and Soup

Salty foods will help you retain water and help keep you hydrated throughout the day. While you shouldn’t go overboard on the salt, a little extra in winter won’t hurt. Soups are also great as they are filled with hydrating broth and typically contain a decent amount of salt as well.