Bench Like Bond with Daniel Craig’s Workout

Credit: Greg Williams
Who knew such a suave guy was such a powerhouse?

You wouldn’t think a character known for casual drinking and driving fancy cars would be an especially demanding role, physically speaking, but when Daniel Craig dons the signature suit of 007, he’s packing quite the bod underneath. Craig maintains a very particular regimen for the surprisingly physical role of James Bond, and if you think you’ve got the chops to qualify for Her Majesty’s Secret Service, you can try it yourself.

If you want to get buff, try Craig’s pre-shoot routine. He always does this in the days leading up to an action scene. Start with 10 minutes on a Wattbike, or any stationary bicycle, really. After that, you’ll want 10-20 reps of Craig’s first superset, which involves low cable chest fly and abdominal rollout. Do that once, twice if you’ve got the stamina for it, then rest. After that, do the remaining four supersets, which I’ll list in a moment. Do this twice a week, and you’ll be packing some serious muscle.

Credit: Greg Williams

As for the rest of Craig’s supersets, they go as follows:

  • Superset 2: Bosu mountain climber and traditional pullup
  • Superset 3: Russian twist and kettlebell side obliques bend
  • Superset 4: TRX row, curl and pistol squat and bodyweight dip
  • Superset 5: Hanging leg raise and windshield wiper and reverse cable fly.
  • After a hard day of working out, Craig wraps things up with a recovery routine. First, he stretches and releases a light recovery band both side to side and up and down. Then he uses a foam roller to release his shoulders, lats, legs, and back. Finally, he uses a percussive massager to relieve any tightness in his hips and glutes. Stick to this routine, and you’ll be buff enough to pass for Bond himself when the new movie comes out in November.