Become Championship Ready with Just Calisthenics

Credit: Unsplash
With frequency and dedication, you too can be a world champ.

Oftentimes in movies and shows and whatnot, whenever you see a montage of someone trying to become stronger, there’s a fair amount of weight lifting involved. Unless you’re watching The Karate Kid, I guess. But despite the notions we get from media, you don’t need a massive gym setup in order to become a heavy-hitter. All you need are your arms, legs, and some good old fashioned chutzpah.

You can totally build impressive mass with just bodyweight workouts. In fact, you know who else does? Mike Tyson, that’s who. With nothing but bodyweight calisthenics, the former World Championship boxer has gotten into fighting shape on more than one occasion. Say whatever you will about the guy himself, you can’t deny that Mike Tyson is really good at punching people, and that’s thanks in part to his prodigious strength.

So what bodyweight exercises are best for bulking up? Thankfully, you don’t need to use any especially crazy forms for the best burn. Some decline sit-ups, some bench dips, some push-ups, and some shrugs will all work just fine. “But wait,” you may ask, “I already do that stuff, and I’m not the size of Mike Tyson!” Fair point, but here’s the defining point: in the month leading up to his major fights, Tyson would work out ten times a day, six days a week, with at least 50 reps in every exercise if not more. The clinching point here is not the exercises you do specifically, but how much you do them.

Now, I’m not telling you have to get as jacked as Mike Tyson; adjust the plan until you hit the burn that you’re personally satisfied with. Just know that it is more than possible to get ripped with your own two hands. It just takes a lot of dedication.