Wellness While Working From Home

Credit: Unsplash
It’s only going to turn into The Shining if you let it.

As nice as working from home sounds, it can get a little frustrating if you have to do it for a long period of time. It’s more tempting to lounge around and eat poorly when you don’t have social appearances to keep up. You’re going to have to be a little more proactive about your wellness.

First of all, don’t sit around in your jammies all day. I know, I know, lounge pants are comfortable, they are so comfortable, but it’s not good for your motivation if you don’t bother to dress yourself. You don’t have to put on a three piece suit, just get on some jeans and shirt. You’ll feel more motivated if you dress like you’re going out to do stuff, and when work is done, then you can put the lounge pants back on.

Secondly, stretching. Do lots of it. When you’re at work, even if you’re at your desk a lot, you’re still getting up to go to the bathroom, go to the water cooler, and walking to and from your car and the beginning and end of the day. Even if you can’t go anywhere, you gotta move around. Don’t just sit cross-legged at your desk all day, or your legs are going to turn into a pretzel, and not the soft kind.

Finally, remember to eat. Schedule snack and lunch breaks (these’ll get you away from your desk), and make sure to keep an easily accessible source of clean drinking water within arm’s reach. Try not to start snacking just because you’re bored; wait until you’re actually hungry, then find something nutritious to chew on.