The Right Spices to Spice Up Your Life

Credit: Unsplash
The ideal spices make all the difference.

A wise man once said that the crux of cooking lay in the spices you use. Ingredients all have their natural flavors, of course, but the right kind of spice can completely change how something tastes. Of course, to effectively utilize spices, you need a refined sense of smell and taste, or else you’ll just blast the whole thing with curry powder or something. In addition to taste, though, spices are also an important factor in a healthy diet.

Certain spices, especially, er, spicy ones, have been proven to provide the body with healthy compounds and chemicals. For example, cinnamon, curry, and cayenne pepper are good for promoting healthy blood flow, strong arteries, and a disease-resistant heart. Their spicy flavors stimulate blood flow throughout your body, while their compounds prevent clots and ease inflammation.

Spices are also helpful if you’re trying to regulate your body’s cholesterol levels. Spices like garlic and black pepper help to lower your bad cholesterol and maintain your good cholesterol, which is another important factor in a healthy heart.

Credit: Unsplash

Even spices you may not traditionally associate with healthy foods can be good for you. Have you ever heard that dark chocolate is good for your heart? That’s because pure cocoa keeps your blood flowing smoothly, preventing potentially dangerous clots that could cause heart attacks and strokes.

If you’re looking for a way to make your cooking a little more interesting while also improving your heart health, you should invest in a proper spice rack. Just make sure to sniff each bottle before you use it.