Seriously, Drink More Water

Credit: Medical News Today

Just do it already.

It’s literally all around us, whether in microscopic molecules, or gigantic bodies of water, reminding us that the Earth is 71 percent water and our bodies about 60 percent of the stuff. Or maybe it is because of how common it is in most of our daily lives and how ubiquitous the wondrous liquid matter is that we forget to drink enough of it each day. So drink more of it.

Our bodies are made up of about 60 percent water. More importantly, our blood is a whopping 90 percent. Imagine how sludgy and disgusting our blood would be if we didn’t get enough hydration. That is exactly what dehydration does to your blood. It becomes sludgy and ultimately too thick to freely move through the veins in your body, resulting in death. I may have been a little over-dramatic there, but it’s true.

Not only is it important for the circulation of your blood so you don’t die because of sludgy veins, but it’s important for other essential organs and bodily functions as well. Water carries the toxins through your liver and kidneys and helps filter them out. It keeps your skin healthy and hydrated, while dehydrated skin is more vulnerable to wrinkles and other disorders. Furthermore, replacing your daily intake of soda or any other sugary beverage with water can help with weight loss.

We have been told to drink at least eight glasses of water per day, but who decides how big the glasses are? Exactly. In fact, there is no standardized quantity of water one must consume per day for optimum health. But it’s also important to know how much is enough. When your body has had enough to drink, it’ll let you know. For example, when you are chugging a gallon of water and you start gagging or something in the back of your head is telling you “stop I don’t need any more water,” it’s time to stop.

But seriously, drink more water.