Savor the Healthy Sweetness of Sweet Potatoes

Credit: Unsplash
Fall is full of deceptively delicious flavors.

Yesterday was the official first day of fall. So, what do you usually think when it comes to fall, food-wise? Pumpkins, I’m guessing? Certainly, all of the pumpkin spice stuff is once again out in force. But fall has a secret boss, more powerful than even pumpkin. I am talking of course about that yummy tuber, the sweet potato. Fall is the perfect time for harvesting sweet potatoes, as that’s when they’re at their sweetest and heartiest. Sweet potatoes aren’t just a differently tasty substitute for your fries, though. They’re packed with nutrients!

A cup of chopped sweet potato can get you 53% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C, which is super helpful in the fall, since it may be harder to get your hands on the usual suspects like citrus fruits. More than that, though, sweet potato is absolutely lousy with vitamin A. That same cup packs a whopping 774% of vitamin A, which along with that vitamin C, can turbo-charge your immune system and keep you sprightly during the cold months.

Sweet potato is also a great source of soluble dietary fibers. One cup of sweet potato contains about 8.2 grams of clean fiber, which helps keep your stomach pumping nice and clean. Consistent fiber intakes, aside from less… interesting bathroom experiences, also lend themselves to shoring you up against obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Credit: Unsplash

If you absolutely have to nitpick sweet potatoes, they are a bit high in calories, but along with those calories comes clean carbs, vital protein, and healthy fats. A little bit of sweet potato can really stick to your ribs and help you feel fuller, all while giving you some vital building blocks for your body. The only thing you need to be careful about is the sugar content, but as long as you practice moderation, then a little bit of sugar won’t kill you.