Don’t Get Weighed Down by Weight

Credit: Unsplash
The bathroom scale is not the arbiter of your health.

A few decades ago, peoples’ first and foremost identifier of the state of their health was the ol’ bathroom foot scale. If you weigh above a particular poundage, you are clearly unhealthy and need to completely upend your entire life. If you weigh below a particular poundage, you are the pinnacle of health and don’t need to change a thing. Obviously, this is complete bunko; while your body weight is certainly a semi-important factor to keep track of, it is not anything close to an absolute identifier of the state of your health.

Consider this when you step on a scale: muscular fiber is actually denser than fat. This is why a giant bodybuilder dude can weigh a lot more than some random guy with a bit of a tummy. If you take the scale literally, then the bodybuilder dude must be unhealthier than the rando, but that, of course, makes no sense. Both of these hypothetical people are at a perfectly serviceable weight for their lifestyles and body types. I don’t even keep a scale in my home, because I know if my body has a problem with how I’m treating it, it won’t hesitate to tell me.

Credit: Unsplash

States of health are different for everyone. If you judge your health purely based on how much you weigh, you’re setting yourself up for bad habits like skipping meals or overexerting yourself while exercising. Your weight is just a number, an indication of how heavy you are. Naturally, you should endeavor to maintain a healthy weight, but what that healthy weight is depends heavily on your genes and lifestyle. If you’re not sure how much you should endeavor to weigh, talk to a doctor or nutritionist.