Bring the Right Snacks for a Lengthy Hike

Credit: Unsplash
If you’re gonna climb that hill, you need the right fuel to do it.

It’s always a great time to go on a lovely little nature walk. Get some fresh air, some sunlight, feel solid ground beneath your feet. If you’re planning on going on a lengthy hike, however, you need to make sure to bring a pack with some essentials, one of the most essential being the right snacks.

When you’re hiking up uneven terrain for long stretches of time, you need a steady, clean supply of energy to keep you going. The first component of that is calories, of course, but you need clean-burning calories that won’t clog up your bodily processes or cause you to crash later. This means sugary and salty snacks, as well as energy drinks, are right off the table. So what can you bring with you instead?

Credit: Unsplash

What you want are small foods that are dense with nutrients. Less chemical filler, more all-natural biofuel. Fruit is an excellent choice, either fresh if you have a way to preserve it, or dried if you don’t. Fruit has natural sugars that’ll give you a quick boost without overloading you. A little bit of sweetness in the right place will keep your blood sugar and energy levels even. Protein is also important, both to facilitate muscle growth and to keep you satiated for long. Organic beef jerky will work as long as it’s not overloaded with salt and nitrates. Finally, you should bring some trail mix with nuts and oats to give you some healthy fats that your body can burn off as emergency fuel. Oh, and of course, you need a bottle of clean water. Hydration is extremely important in periods of physical stress, doubly so when it’s hot out.