Behold, the Power of Pomegranate!

Credit: PlantOGram
The reddest of red fruits.

Here’s a funny story: the first time I ever actually saw a pomegranate was when I was 13. I had never even heard of them before; I thought it was an orange someone had left in the sun. But nope, it was a pomegranate, and little did I know that underneath that ruby red peel was a veritable galaxy of nutrition.

Pomegranates may seem weird because of their big, juicy arils, an uncommon element in most popular fruit, but those arils, as well as the thick peel, are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. For example, did you know that pomegranates are great for your immune system? Not only are they bursting with vitamin C, they can improve your general immunity and blood pressure. As a side bonus, they’re great for your skin, possessing documented anti-aging properties.

Credit: American Institute for Cancer Research

If your heart is your primary concern, you definitely want more pomegranate in your life. Pomegranates are full of antioxidants that can help to remove toxic elements from your body while lowering and stabilizing blood pressure. It’s also been speculated that a pomegranate’s particular blend of nutrients make it good for your mental capacity. Some nutritionists recommend pomegranates for children because it can help to improve their short- and long-term memories.

Pomegranates are great fresh and juicy, but if all those arils weird you out too much to just bite into it (which I totally get), pomegranate juice has become much more common in the last couple of decades. All the nutrients and flavor, none of the arils in your teeth.