Beef Up Those Arms

Credit: Unsplash
Unless you’re a snowman, you shouldn’t be satisfied with sticks for arms.

I don’t do an especially large amount of lifting in my daily life, but I still make sure to never skip arm day. If absolutely nothing else, think how cool you feel during that one time where you need to move something heavy, and you can do it; that’s at least one good reason to put some beef on those noodles.

When it comes to working out your arms, the simple approach is usually best. In this endeavor, the humble dumbbell will be your best friend. A good, form-focused bicep curl with an appropriately heavy dumbbell will get you those big flexing bumps you’ve always wanted. Just remember to squeeze your shoulders and glutes, hold your body still to keep from shaking and rocking, and keep a good, steady pace on your curls. If you want to push it harder, try a spider curl, which you do while seated on a bench and letting your arm hang beside you. This kind of curl eliminates the momentum that makes regular curls easier, so it’s a much higher-impact on your arms.

Credit: Unsplash

While we’re on the subject of simple exercises, if you don’t have any dumbbells handy, the next best choice is the classic push-up. Just remember to keep the pressure in your arms, rather than your legs, in order to get the most out of your bodyweight. You can also try a close-grip pushup, which involves bringing your hands closer together underneath your chest. This method is a little easier on your shoulders than the typical triangular pushup, though it still works your arms just fine.

Since arm exercise is so comparatively simple, you should have no problem working those arms on a regular basis. Remember, strong arms aren’t just a benefit to themselves, you also need them to do exercises for almost every other part of your body!