Wow Andrew Friedman Can Flip!

Don’t blink or you just might miss it, meet Andrew Friedman, the master of flips and twists. You might notice Friedman from his YouTube channel, Andrew Friedman, or his Instagram page, @poplikecorn, for his frantic flipping abilities.

“Everything visible has a slip side, like a coin” – Sunny Adelaja

But be warned, Friedman practices a lot for these flipping abilities and you shouldn’t try this at home. If you want to flip like Friedman we suggest checking some of his videos out and if you want to attempt such feats you can go to your local trampoline park.

If you’ve trained in cheerleading and gymnastics then you already know that you should attempt these feats in a safe venue and not just in your backyard. Try to count how many times you see Friedman flip in the video above.