The Unspoken Rules Of Group Fitness Classes


Just like there are rules of the gym there are also do’s and don’t of group fitness classes.

If you’re looking to get into better shape, but find working out a gym intimidating, group fitness classes is a good option. However, just like there are rules of the gym there are also do’s and don’t of group fitness classes.

If you plan to take a group fitness class, don’t spend the whole time on your phone or talking. This should be an obvious thing not to do, but you’ll be surprised. “Talking—or worse, texting—during the class disrespects both the teacher and the other students,” says Alex Silver-Fagan, a group fitness instructor based in New York City. Talking on the phone or texting disrupts the flow of the class and may ruin it for other participants.

Another don’t of group fitness is to not do your own moves. Unless you have specifically discussed modifications or substitutions with your instructor, don’t decide to add in your own moves. “Instructors design their classes for a reason, so please follow along,” explains Silver-Fagan. “If everyone starts adding in their own exercises, it is no longer a group fitness class.”

Leave your ego out of the classroom. Group fitness classes are meant for you to lose weight and have fun while doing it, so you don’t need to act like the most badass guy or girl. If the instructor tells you to use the medium weights, don’t grab the heaviest one you can find.

Keep in mind that your instructor knows his or her class far better than you do. They’ve devised the program to be the most beneficial, and when they offer up guidance, it’s probably worth listening to.

Going too heavy or too light will detract both from the experience and from the results you should be seeing. This is especially true the first time you take a class. Once you know the routine and how your body responds to it, you can start to tinker.