The Best Foods Pre and Post Exercise

Credit: Eat This Much

Your muscles are hungry and waiting.

Have you ever had an off day at the gym, on a run, or playing a sport? Sometimes when our body doesn’t perform to its normal standard, we can feel as though there is no rhyme or reason behind it. However, the fact of the matter is that what you eat before and after you work out can greatly affect how you feel and how you perform.

Despite their “unhealthy” rep, carbohydrates are extremely important to anyone who is serious about exercise. Before you work out, it’s essential to make a snack or meal that combines good carbs and protein, in order to keep you going and build up your muscle at the same time.

Ali Holman, a fitness expert, states that a simple PB & J will do the trick. If you are looking for more of a breakfast style pre-workout meal, try oatmeal with milk and fruit to check off your carb and protein boxes.

Similarly, after you work out you want to eat protein and carbs within the hour. However, sometimes our tummies can feel upset right after a workout. Therefore, Ali recommends eating something like whole grain toast and an egg.

These foods are rich in protein and carbs, but also easy on the stomach. If you do feel like you can eat a whole meal, try a turkey avocado wrap. Avocados work as a perfect mayo substitute because they fend off cramps.

Finally, Ali recommends topping any workout off with a protein shake. In her opinion, it is equivalent to “feeding your muscles gold.”