Stay Safe While Working Out in the Summer Heat

Credit: Unsplash
High temperatures necessitate some changes.

It’s still summer for a little longer, which means it’s a great time to get out of the house and work up a sweat. Show off that six pack, flex those legs. Be proud of your body! Just remember that with rising heat and longer days must come some extra responsibility on your part. Your typical safety measures employed in the milder months will require a little more thought.

First, and absolutely, positively foremost, hydrate. Let me write that out again and bold it: hydrate. This summer has been absolutely brutal in the heat department. While the heat will most certainly give you a good workout, you need to stay consistently hydrated, or you could collapse of heat stroke. Try to replace every pound lost in sweat with at least a half liter of clean water. If you’re an especially salty sweater, supplement that water with a sports drink like Gatorade or Propel to get your electrolytes back.

Speaking of sweat, make sure to dress for a workout. You need tight, breathable clothes that wick away sweat while keeping unnecessary weight off. Absorbent materials like cotton will only weigh you down and make you sweat more, which increases your risk of heat stroke. Baggy clothes are also bad for running, as you could trip over them.

You should try to work out when the sun is not directly overhead, if possible. Go in the morning, late afternoon, or evening. Keep a mental note of any shady spots nearby if you need to take a quick breather. If you’re overheating, your first priority should be to get out of the sun. Oh, and also make sure to wear sunscreen. As much as everyone wants a summer tan, you don’t want to end up a peeling husk on your bedroom floor. Trust me on that.

As long as you keep the proper safety precautions in mind, you can still get your ideal summer workout.