Squeezing Fitness into Daily Life

Credit: Unsplash
Every little bit counts.

As we’ve discussed in previous articles, there are lots of exercises you can do at home with a dumbbell or two and some imagination. But in addition to that, you wanna try to squeeze a little bit of burn out of everything that you do. This goes double if you’re working at a desk from home. You’re gonna have to start doing chores and grocery runs sooner or later, and when that time comes, don’t just get them over with, squeeze ’em for everything they’re worth.

If the grocery store is close by, try jogging or biking to it. Now, obviously, that’s not going to fly if you need a lot of stuff, but a good compromise could be driving to the store and then parking really far away. Then, once you’ve gotten your stuff, try to carry as many bags as possible back to your car. Be careful when doing this; you don’t want to hurt yourself (or drop the onions), but that brisk weighted walk can give you a pretty good workout.

As for chores at home, take the opportunity to deep-clean the inside of your house. Really reach up to the ceiling, stretch the Swiffer into tight spaces. Stretching, basically, I’m telling you to do a lot of stretching. Also, if you’re cooking something that doesn’t require your constant attention, pass the time with some aerobics. Push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, whatever you’ve got the space for. You can even keep a little dumbbell in the kitchen for curls.