Relieve Stress with the Right Workout

Credit: Unsplash
Nothing clears the mind like rigorous exercise.

It’s a well-established fact that the right kind of exercise can work wonders for your mental state. When you’re stressed or angry, physical activity can be a form of catharsis, an outlet to exhaust out all of those pent-up frustrations. A few minutes of Hulking out later, you’re nice and calm. Though, on the subject of Hulking out, what kind of exercise is the best for catharsis? Well, there’s a couple of schools of thought on that.

One the one hand, you have intense, in-your-face workouts. This is where the real Hulking out happens. You’ve got a belly full of fire and the limbs to use it, so channel that vitriol into intense exercise. Try an exercise that really works your entire body to get the most out of this elevated state, like a fifteen-minute full-body kettlebell routine, or a lengthy outdoor run. Basically, do the kind of stuff you’d imagine in a Rocky montage.

One the other hand, your best course of action might be a slow-release of stress with calm, controlled exercise. The best choices for this approach are a measured, at-your-pace yoga routine, or perhaps some light Pilates. The goal isn’t to burn off your frustrations all at once, but to let them slowly drain off in a meditative state. In a similar approach, you can also try a physical activity you personally enjoy, such as your favorite sport. If it’s something you genuinely like doing, that’ll help speed up the relaxation process.

Whatever approach you take, the important thing is not to go overboard. Exercise is a great reliever of stress, but once you’re exhausted, it’s time to stop. Even if you’re not completely de-stressed, your body will reach a point where pushing any further is dangerous. The Hulk gets stronger as he gets madder. You can’t do that.