Keep On Trucking

Credit: First Parenting

And I would jog five hundred miles…

You wake up, get ready, warm up, and head out for that early morning jog. Back in the days, people would have laughed at you, running just for the “fun of it.” It’s the activity we can’t quite call a quad-burning exercise or just a leisurely stroll. In fact, “jogging” is commonly defined as light running that is at a pace of less than six miles an hour. Some say jogging provides significant health benefits on top of making you feel good afterwards. More importantly, what we know for sure is that jogging is a great moderate aerobic exercise that is great for your cardio-respiratory health and mood.

Jogging is awesome to jumpstart your exercise when you hit that workout plateau. We all get it when we start working out, and the only way to pick ourselves up from that plateau is to increase the intensity of our workouts. Jogging is the most common way to do this without any special equipment.

Cardiovascular exercises can also help in preventing obesity. Walking, running, and power-walking are all great ways to improve your heart health, but one study has found the best way to boost weight loss is to pick up the pace and your heart-rate.

There are many other reasons one may jog; strengthening the immune system, diabetes, stress, and even coping with depression. Jogging can have beneficial effects on all parts of our body, including our hormones that control our moods. So if you’re a jogger, keep it up, but just make sure not to overdo it.