Happy National Wellness Month!

Credit: HealthyWomen
Now would probably a really good time to focus on that wellness.

As recognized by The Registrar at National Day Calendar, August is National Wellness Month! As it so happens, we’re all still stuck inside due to a viral pandemic, so you’ve probably got plenty of time on your hands to come up with a new wellness routine. Yay.

Facetiousness aside, it is as good a time as any to take stock. This whole… everything has affected everyone differently. The more social of us out there have been forced to get in touch with their introspective side, leaving the house now requires a few extra steps, and the uncertainty of it all isn’t doing anyone’s stress levels any favors.

Here’s what I’d like you to do: take an objective look at your current mood and habits, then think back to before the lockdown started and compare. No doubt there will be some differences, some minor, some significant. If you’re feeling stressed and unhappy, the first thing you need to do is acknowledge that stress. Something you used to be able to do can no longer be done, and that’s probably rubbing you the wrong way.

Credit: Fotolia

Okay, now what can you do to fix it? The obvious answer, that being “start doing that thing again,” is probably off the table, so you need to get creative. Use what you have available to you. For example, are you aching for social interaction? If you’ve got a computer, join a chatroom related to something you’re interested in. Otherwise, try talking to your neighbors. It’s okay to talk to people in person, provided you adhere to the whole social distancing thing.

I’ll be the first to admit that we’re in a scary time, and the uncertainty of how long it’ll last is making it worse. But you can’t hide under your bed in the fetal position, waiting in a state of blind terror. You’ve got a life to live, and it deserves to be lived. Take this month to examine and adjust yourself, and find your path to happiness in this new normal.