Get Fit With Barre Classes

Credit: Physique 57

If it looks like simple ballet, trust me, it goes far deeper.

When I first heard about Pure Barre workouts, I was extremely skeptical. Firstly, I am not a dancer. OK, I love to throw down on the dance floor, but not in a way that is remotely similar to a ballerina.

Secondly, I did not see how standing at a ballet bar and doing “plies” would help me get a good workout in. So, I figured that Barre was not for me.

Then, one day my friend convinced me to go to a Barre class and it kicked my booty. My opinion about Barre was forever changed. If you have never done a Barre class, you need to know that it is NOT a ballet class.

Barre is a series of tiny, isometric movements that are done repetitively to a singular muscle group until that area is fatigued. You may use small weights or simply your body weight to work on specific areas sequentially for 45-50 minutes.

All I know is that when I did Barre for the first time, my muscles were shaking like leaves in the wind. It seriously works you in the best way possible. Pure Barre can create long, lean muscle tone (like a pretty ballerina!). It brings your body to a whole new level. If you do Barre regularly, get ready to feel precise, balanced, and toned.