Dealing with the Feeling of Isolation

Credit: Unsplash
You’re never as alone as you feel.

Growing up as a reclusive, nerdy kid, I’ve had twenty-plus years to get used to being isolated from others, so that particular aspect of the past year and change hasn’t especially bothered me that much. Of course, I wouldn’t presume to be the standard of society, which is why a lot of folks, especially kids and teenagers, have been struggling with feelings of isolation and loneliness during the pandemic. I may be used to them, but I still know how much those feelings hurt, which is why it’s important to do something about them in whatever way you can.

The nice thing about living in the information age is that it’s very easy to reach out and contact someone. Texting, voice chatting, and video calls are all very easy these days, so whenever you want to see the face of another human being, you won’t have to go too far. Of course, considering many younger folks out there have been forced to do all of their schooling through video calls, I wouldn’t blame them if they’ve gotten a bit sick of the whole thing. In that case, the first thing I would recommend is going outside and just taking a walk. Just seeing other people on the street can begin to help with those isolated feelings. When you’re sitting in a box and can only interact with the world through a small window, you’re obviously going to feel a little lonely, so leave the box once in a while.

Credit: Unsplash

As for interacting with friends, you still can, provided you put in the time to properly assure your safety. Remember to wear a mask, stay six feet apart when possible, and don’t shake hands. I know, you wanna hug them and high five them, but it’s just not safe yet. I suppose if you really want physical interaction, you can both quarantine for two weeks and then go see each other immediately, though that’s a lot of effort for one hug. Then again, by this point, it might be worth it.

Anyway, the point is that you’re never truly alone in the world. Your friends are still there, and you can still talk to them one way or another. And just think how good that first unmasked interaction is gonna feel… whenever we get around to it.