Build The Perfect Breakfast Smoothie

Credit: Green Healthy Cooking

There’s no better breakfast than a smoothie in the morning.

Smoothies are quick, healthy, and they can be digested easily, meaning your metabolism will get the kick in the pants it needs ASAP. Plus, you can put a lid on it and take it with you wherever you go.

Building the perfect breakfast smoothie is easy. First, get a super blender that completely destroys everything in its path. Then, add one banana (fiber), a scoop of peanut butter (protein), ten or so almonds (healthy fats), a scattering of chia seeds (all of the above, plus some yummy vitamins), shredded coconut (more vitamins! Like C, B, and all of the E’s), almond milk (more protein- time to bulk up!), a dash of honey (this will sweeten it up a bit) and any other frozen fruits you desire (I like the mixed berry package, with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and black berries, because they add antioxidants to the mix).

Then, blend. You may have to turn the blender on and off a few times to make sure you get everything smooth (unless you like it chunky!). Once your smoothie is ready to go, put a lid on it and feel the health coursing through your body as you begin your day on the right foot! Remember to put any extra smoothie in a mason jar for tomorrow- bonus points!