Billie Eilish’s Annual Interview Reveals Artist

Billie Eilish is the same yet different every year

Billie Eilish has created somewhat of an annual tradition with Vanity Fair of reviewing her first interview annually over the last four years. You might think the young artist has changed but these interviews give fans the chance of getting to know the ever-changing personal life of Billie Eilish.

During her first interview, Eilish explained that the most important thing to her at the moment was maintaining the happiness she felt for the first time in many years. Instead of talking about her career goals, Eilish focused on maintaining the goal of staying happy.

Reflecting on her statement from four years ago, Eilish agreed that she felt strongly about maintaining her happiness and was genuine in reaching her goal. Eilish explains that she feels that performing is the only thing she’s good at and it made her feel like she accepted for who she is.

Eilish also reflects on how this made her realize that people take simple things for granted. The young artist answered the same questions from the annual interview and reflected on the changes surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Eilish explained that the most important thing to her right now is focusing on her family’s safety and says everything matters differently than a year ago. The artist couldn’t think of a single thing that has stayed consistent over the last year and how everything is completely different than ever before.

She goes onto explain that everything she thought was important is now less important and she’s focusing on things she considered less important in the past. The young artist proves that she can carry on despite the unprecedented change in the entertainment industry.

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