Work to Promote Happiness in Your Life

Credit: Unsplash
Have a nice day.

Happiness seems to come naturally to certain people, and boy howdy, do I wish I were one of them. If you find your day being ruined on a regular basis, it may not just be because you’re having bad luck. Happiness is a state of mind, one you need to work toward. It’s not especially fun work, but when things get rough, you’ll be glad you have the ability to, y’know, be glad.

First of all, try to worry about the future a little less. I know, the future is scary, good heavens, do I know. But you won’t accomplish anything by pacing a hole into the ground. Focus on the here and now. Do you have a roof over your head, food in your stomach, and a means to support both? Then you’re doing fine. If you’re having trouble convincing yourself, be proactive. Try making a list of bad things you think could happen to you, and then logic out solutions to each one. More than likely, most of those things won’t come to pass, but it is empowering to be a step ahead of life.

Secondly, try to disconnect from the world a bit. This means cutting down on social media. I don’t use social media nearly as much as some people I know, and as such have managed to build up pretty strong resistances against FOMO (or “fear of missing out”). Fun will find you on its own, so unless you’re chatting with someone or something, there’s probably something better for you to be doing than sitting by your phone and waiting for notifications.

Speaking of technology, the most modern piece of advice I can offer is knowing when to disconnect from the news cycle. While I am of the belief that it is everyone’s duty to be informed, being in the cycle of politics, business, and Hollywood 24/7 is utterly exhausting. I make a point of not checking the news anymore after 5:00 PM. Whatever the world has to shout at me, it can wait until tomorrow. In the meantime, do some self-reflection. Try keeping a journal about your thoughts and feelings, or go spend some time with friends. Dial back the news of the world, and get a perspective on your own life.