The Real Importance of Hydration

Credit: Unsplash
A flow of clean water powers the body.

The human body is made up of approximately 50-60% water content. Yep, more than half of you is just kinda sloshing around in there; kinda remarkable we even have steady physical forms at all, huh? But all of that water isn’t just sitting there doing nothing. Water is the backbone of your entire bodily system (ironically, since it’s, y’know, water).

Water is a vital component in several of your body’s most important processes. Just in a few examples, water maintains your body’s temperature. You know how a liquid cooler is better for your computer than a fan? Same thing. Water also lubricates your joints, kinda like oil on the axles of a car, allowing them to bend and flex without grinding up against each other. Water is also your body’s main means of removing waste from itself. Both urine and feces have high water content (sometimes more than it should in the latter’s case) acting as a bonding agent and carrying it through the body’s narrow passages.

If everyone you know has been telling you to hydrate more lately, they’re not wrong. Regular hydration is an absolute must to keep all of these processes chugging along. Think about it: without a constant intake of fresh water, your body would overheat, your joints would lock up like a rusty door hinge, and your bathroom trips would be excruciating to say the absolute minimum.

Most doctors recommended at least 6-8 8-ounce glasses of water a day, though obviously everyone has slightly different needs. Regular, clean water is obviously the best choice, but you can get water from just about any beverage, including juice, coffee, tea, or soda. Though, of course, the water content of those drinks is heavily diluted with things like sugar, salt, and caffeine, the last of which can cause your body to burn off even more water. This is why plain water should be your drink of choice when working out or just during the day.

So remember to stay hydrated every day, lest your body turns into a dried-up creaky hot box.