The Health Benefits of Coffee

Credit: Unsplash
In moderation, our morning joe can give you some boosts.

To say that modern society is fueled by caffeine would be underselling it a bit. There are Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts on every street corner, and they’re always hustling and bustling. It’s supply and demand; they supply the coffee, because we demand it. But coffee isn’t just bitter swill you chug to wake yourself up. I mean, it’s not just that. Enjoyed in moderation, coffee can actually supply you with some good health benefits.

Coffee beans are a surprisingly good source of antioxidants, which is really helpful since only one in ten Americans eat the recommended five servings of fruit a day. In lieu of fruit, coffee steps up to keep our circulatory systems running smoothly, which it certainly has to to keep all that caffeine flowing. If you have coffee alongside a hearty breakfast with fresh fruit, you’re getting a big boost of antioxidants to your system.

Studies have also shown that regular consumption of coffee leads to better moods. That’s not especially surprising since, again, caffeine, though in addition to being generally happier, some studies have linked coffee to brain health, noting that regular coffee drinkers have better 24-hour recall. Coffee is also allegedly good at staving off other diseases like certain cancers and heart disease, though the jury’s still out on that.

Even if you have a caffeine sensitivity and can only drink decaf, that’s still pretty good for you. You still get the antioxidants from the coffee beans, you still get defense against certain diseases, and you still get a little boost in a alertness. Plus, with less caffeine in your system, you’ll probably sleep better.

While it’s not advisable to become a full-blown coffee achiever, a steamy cup of the smooth stuff every morning will definitely do you more good than bad. And besides, coffee runs are a great way to get out of work for a few minutes.