Stop Diabetes Before Diabetes Stops You

Credit: Getty Images

An ounce of prevention, as they say.

There is no doubt about it, diabetes is a scary disease. More importantly, type 2 diabetes is preventable, and it should be made a priority for those at a higher risk of the disease, such as those who are overweight or have a family history of diabetes. Luckily, prevention of the disease can be as basic as eating a healthier and balanced diet and to include some sort of physical activity to lose unwanted weight. Just think, a few changes in your lifestyle can help prevent serious health complications in the future, such as nerve, kidney, and/or heart damage. Here are some tips for diabetes prevention.

  • Be more physical

Increasing your physical activity will help you to lose that unwanted weight, lower your blood sugar and keep it within normal range. There have been numerous studies that have concluded that resistance training and aerobic exercises can aid in controlling diabetes or even help get rid of it.

  • Eat more fiber

Fiber can reduce your risk of diabetes by helping you get your blood sugar under control as well as help lower your risk of heart disease. Fiber can also help you lose weight by making your stomach feel fuller. Foods that are high in fiber include various fruits and vegetables, beans, grains, and nuts.

  • Fad diets are just fads

Many of us probably have tried at least one form of diet we may have learned just by overhearing a conversation about a new diet trend, such as the all-meat diet or the risky Denmark diet. But it’s important to remember that fad diets are just that, fads. Just as these newfound diets come and go, your weight may do just the opposite with one slightly wrong turn. Instead of torturing your body with these fad diets, just make healthier daily choices. For example, control your portions by using smaller plates and bowls and eat a variety of foods (that have fiber).