Stimulate Your Brain with the Right Snacks

Credit: Unsplash
The right snack can give you a quick kick in the synapses.

When you’re working on something and you feel your mind turning to jelly, what do you usually do? Have a cup of coffee? Eat something sugary? Indeed, caffeine and sugar will give you some zest for a little while, but they’re hardly long-term solutions. What your brain needs is clean energy, sourced from clean nutrients. A proper, well-timed snack will give you more productive long-term energy than a cup of coffee ever could.

When the topic is brain food, your first weapon is always fish. Salmon is an economic choice, as it’s plentiful, affordable, and goes great on bagels with some cream cheese. Salmon, like most fish, is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which compose the membranes of your brain cells. More omega-3 in your diet makes your brain stronger and more resilient. If you’d like a good pairing for that salmon, try some leafy veggies. The potassium and vitamin K in leafy veggies like spinach have a proven benefit on cognitive functionality.

Credit: Unsplash

Got any eggs in the fridge? Boil one up for a quick burst of protein, clean fats, and choline. Choline provides the building blocks for acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter known to aid in memorization and learning, not to mention improving moods. Say, you know what’d go great with that egg? Some avocado. The rumors aren’t entirely exaggerated; avocado really is a genuine superfood. Putting its litany of benefits aside, they’re rich in clean-burning complex carbohydrates, guaranteed to give you energy without making you feel bloated.

Can’t get through the day without at least one sweet treat? Would you be willing to settle for bittersweet? If so, dark chocolate’s the top choice. Dark chocolate, especially the kind high in natural, unprocessed cacao, is rich in antioxidants that keep your blood flowing cleanly, including up to your brain. Plus, it tastes good.