Stay Warm When the Temperature Drops

Credit: Unsplash
Cold is much easier to deal with than heat.

I may live down south now, where the temperature rarely goes below 70, but I grew up in the frozen northeast. I have constructed an igloo. I have gone snow tubing. I have driven through three different blizzards over the course of three consecutive years. Suffice to say, I know the cold, and I know the best ways to deal with it. Right about now, it’s probably starting to get a little chilly up there, so make sure to keep yourself warm this winter.

The main name of the game is layers. Layers on layers. That’s the nice thing about winter versus summer; you can always add more layers, but you can’t take your skin off. If you’re at home, put on your fuzziest PJs, wrap up in a blanket, and just for good measure, put on a hoodie or a hat. If you have to go out, make sure you’ve got sturdy, well-constructed pants and a nice, warm coat, plus the aforementioned hat.

Next, change up your home environment to foster warmth. If you have the option, switch out your usual window curtains for ones made of thicker fabric. This’ll help keep your home insulated from the cold outside. If you have a ceiling fan, turn it on. Fans are usually for cooling off, but since heat rises upward, if you turn the fan on, it’ll circulate it throughout a room. Finally, if you want something to do, spend some time in the kitchen. Working with the oven will warm things up.

Speaking of food, hot foods are a great way to heat up your body, especially drinkable ones. Hot tea and hot soup are excellent choices, and they’re tasty to boot. You can also try foods flavored with particular spices. Spicy foods like cinnamon sweets, Indian curry, and hot peppers will really get your blood circulating. You won’t even remember it’s cold out.