She Won’t

“She Won’t” Teaser Released

One of our absolute favorite songs from singer and songwriter Ki-Juan has to be She Won’t. She Won’t is now available on all music platforms worldwide and the video teaser has just been released and we are obsessed!

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Video Credits

Directed by: Jarred Noah, Gabriel Galinsky
Producers: Gabriel Galinsky, Ki-Juan Minors, Melissa Evans
Cinematographer/Editor: Jarred Noah

Music Credits

Performed by: Ki-Juan, Erykah Officer
Produced by: Frostyee
Written by: Ki-Juan, Gabi Galinsky, Frostyee, Erykah Officer
Mixed by: Edwin Estacio, Fernando Vivanco
Recorded at Forever Current Studios

Photo/Cover Artwork by: Jarred Noah, Sabrina Werneck