Push Yourself with Boxing

Credit: Unsplash
Give ’em the ol’ Dempsey Roll.

Boxing is occasionally looked down upon compared to other world-renowned martial arts. I mean, boxing is just punching right? No kicking, no flipping, no, I don’t know, posing. Well, let me tell you, to call that a gross oversimplification would be a massive understatement. Boxing is one of the most physically intense martial arts, and sports, in the world.

Boxing isn’t just about throwing a punch. Any nudnik can throw a punch. Boxing is all about precise control of one’s body, movements, and strength. A slouching person’s punch would feel like a light slap, but a punch from a professional in the perfect boxing posture? That’s like a little freight train. If you want to throw a punch like a freight train, and I know I do, you should consider adding some solo boxing training to your regimen.

Boxing hits all the major points on your basic fitness checklist. It combines strength, cardio, and stamina in a quick and decisive package. A brief session of shadowboxing, featuring a mix of throwing punches, dodging and contorting, and fancy footwork, will send you bouncing around the room in all directions. You’d be surprised how exhausting it can get. Exercises oriented for boxing are no slouches either. Jab-crosses, squat jacks, and dips will give you an explosive burst of exertion that’ll really push your muscles to the limit.

To take up boxing isn’t just to learn how to fight; boxing is the mastery of one’s physicality, the perfection of the base human function. Fight with your fists, dodge with your feet. It’s a winning system.