Power Up the Lower Muscles with a Copenhagen Plank

Credit: Unsplash
Because you do NOT want to pull something down there.

Have you ever pulled a muscle between your legs? Because I have, and let me tell you, it is the opposite of pleasant. It’s not a region you think about very often, it’s just sort of there. But the moment something goes sideways down there, it’s like trying to walk while wearing the world’s starchiest pants with stun-guns sewn into them. In order to prevent muscle pulls in your nether regions, you need to properly loosen them up. Your best friend in this endeavor is the Copenhagen plank.

The Copenhagen plank, known to some as the Copenhagen hip abduction, is one of the more difficult variations on a plank you can do. But as difficult as it is, its results in improving and loosening your lower body are undeniable. Here’s how it works:

First, you’re gonna need a bench. A padded one is preferable, but anything’s fine as long as it’s sturdy. Laying down on your side, lift your top knee onto the bench, while placing your bottom leg underneath it.

Keep yourself grounded with whichever arm is on the floor. Simultaneously push yourself off the ground with your arm and with the leg on the bench, while letting the leg under the bench hang in a straight line. Either perform several reps like this, or hold it for a designated period of time.

Once you get good at this motion, you should be able to place only your upper foot on the bench while still keeping your bottom leg in a straight line.

Now, I’m not gonna lie to ya, this is gonna hurt. You’re going to need a strong core to even get the easier version going, so if you can’t do it, this exercise may not be for you. If you can stick it out, though, then a few sets of these a week will get you some super-strong lower-body muscles. No more starchy stun-gun pants.