Motivation for the Future

Credit: Officevibe
You’re only out of the game when you say you are.

To quote a TV superhero, every pinch is a chance. In other words, every lousy event in your life is an opportunity for positive change. We’re all stuck inside right now, I think that’s been well and properly established, but the question is, what exactly are you doing with that home time? Sitting in your jammies and watching Netflix? I mean, yeah, that’s an approach, and I think we’re all doing that to an extent, but you have enough time now to pursue something in addition to that.

Ask yourself this: what are you going to do when this whole thing comes to an end? You can go outside again, you can see people again, you can go back to the office. A return to normalcy would be perfectly fine, but ideally, this long period of isolation teaches you something about yourself. Are you dedicating enough time to your health? Do you want to try to get out more and see people? Are you satisfied with your work? I’m not saying you have to enact some kind of change in your life, it just pays to engage in a little introspection.

Credit: Unsplash

If you look inside yourself and find that things aren’t good enough, then don’t just settle for a return to normalcy. When the world opens back up, take it upon yourself to get a little more out of life. Pursue a new interest, meet new people, and really get invested in your well-being. They say a brush with calamity can spur change. That’s a bit dramatic for our purposes, but the same principle applies. If you were stuck inside as you currently are for the rest of your life, would you be content with that? If yes, fine. If not, make a change.