Make Sure You Have Three Things While Working From Home

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Indoors or out, your body still needs its essentials.

So now that we’ve all been working from home for a good couple of months, I imagine most of us have settled into a routine of sorts. Wake up, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, read the news, get on the computer, and then the rest of the day just sort of happens. Working from home can be a bit of a grind, but hey, so’s work in general. However, in the process of settling into your daily quarantine routine, you may have neglected to include a few vital elements that your body needs to stay in good health. Can you guess what they are? It’s fresh air, sunlight, and clean water.

If you’re sitting at home a lot, chances are you’ve already breathed the same few lungfuls of recycled air. That’s fine for, y’know, breathing purposes, but fresher, cleaner air tends to be a little more invigorating. Keep a window cracked during the day just so you can get some of the quality stuff. Also, remember to check the filter on your air conditioner once a month. I’m guessing we’re running those things a lot more often now, and they accumulate crud like nobody’s business. Make sure there’s a filter between that crud and your lungs.

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While you’re cracking the window to get some air, stick your head outside for a little while to get some sunlight. A little natural light will give your body some much needed vitamin D, as well as keep you from becoming all pale and whatnot. You don’t need to get a tan, just a little color.

Lastly, let’s re-stress the importance of hydration. Remember, not all water is created equal. Certain brands of bottled water have additives and chemicals in them. That’s why, even in the current circumstances, nobody is buying a certain water that begins with D and ends with I. Tap water may be less than ideal as well. Keep a stash of clean, purified water handy, or get a pitcher with a good filter in it.