Jillian Michaels Gives Workout Tips For Toned Arms

Credit: Health.com

Beach ready before the summer.

Jillian Michaels may not be helping people lose weight on television anymore, but that doesn’t want to help you get fit. The celebrity fitness trainer recently spoke to INSIDER where she gave some tips on how to get toned arms for the summer.

According to Michaels, functional exercises are the way to go. That means workouts that strengthen the body for daily movements. Not focusing on one particular muscle group for more than twice per week is also good to allow those muscles to recover.

“Recovery is where the progress is made,” she told INSIDER. To help you achieve the toned arms you truly want, Michaels even gave a few exercises that will definitely benefit your back and shoulders.

Tricep Dips:
These dips are so easy, you can do them anywhere. All you truly need is a chair of some sort and you can get a few tricep dip reps.

A classic exercise, the push-up targets not only your triceps muscles but the chest, back and shoulder all at once. If the regular push-up is too hard for you then you can use your knees or an incline for assistance.