Intermittent Fasting – Challenge Accepted: Day 13

Credit: Scientific American

It’s been almost two weeks now since creating a lifestyle change I am hoping will last me for a long time.

Since January 1st, I have pledged myself to restrict my food intake by time of day rather than type of food. From midnight to three in the afternoon the next day, the only thing I can allow to enter my mouth is water or coffee. However, after the first three days, this challenge presented me with obstacles that no amount of willpower was able to defeat and ultimately force me to change up how to I did this.

I will be completely honest here, starving myself all day until three was not as hard as I had expected. In the past, I would either eat something like a banana if anything at all for breakfast and wait till lunch for my first full meal. However, keeping myself busy with work allowed me to bypass my lunchtime without too much difficulty. More importantly, by the time it was time for me to go home, I was hungrier than a newly hatched caterpillar. I enjoyed my meals more and a surprising side effect was I didn’t need to eat as much to feel fuller.

It wasn’t until day four I realized how hard it was going to be to continue this diet when the entire family was in the house. With a three year old and an infant, synchronizing my new diet was impossible on the weekends. Furthermore, my wife and I focus a lot on family and etiquette, so eating together for meals is important, which creates the conundrum.  So, without even the luxury of contemplating, I had updated my diet so I am fasting only during the weekdays.

It has been almost two weeks now since I started intermittent fasting on the weekdays. I do feel the hunger hitting harder in the mornings now as my stomach keeps searching for food that doesn’t exist. But this is a good thing, as it means my body will be burning the extra fat and calories. So far, I have lost two pounds. Stay tuned for updates.