Breakfast is Still the Most Important Meal of the Day

Credit: Unsplash
Feed your body, feed your mind.

Serious question: remember the breakfast cereal commercials, and how at the end they’d always say “part of this complete breakfast?” Was I the only one who didn’t know that “part of this complete breakfast” meant “eat the cereal along with all the other stuff on this table to get rounded nutrition?” ‘Cause I feel like everyone only ever ate the cereal by itself. Well, considering what we know about breakfast cereal these days, it probably wouldn’t have made a difference anyway. Cereal or no, breakfast is still the most important meal of the day, and not just for the obvious reason. Yeah, it’s nice to set the mood for your day with something tasty and filling, but what you eat for breakfast can have long-reaching effects.

For example, bacon. Everyone loves bacon. I love bacon! But bacon is absolutely terrible for you. It’s basically just fried cholesterol in pan. Studies have shown that a single piece of bacon every day raises your risk of colorectal cancer by 20%. It’s okay to have a little bacon like, once a month maybe, but it should absolutely not be a part of your normal breakfast.

Speaking of bad ideas, certain fruit juices should also be left off the kitchen table. I know, orange juice is considered a staple of breakfast, but most commercial juices have a lot of added sugar and preservatives that render most of their health benefits moot. If you want juice with your breakfast, you should get a juicer and juice up some fresh oranges. Same great taste, no added sugar.

Credit: Unsplash

Of course, with all these things I’m telling you to skip, you might think it’s okay to just forget about breakfast altogether. No sir; the point of breakfast isn’t just to get nutrition, it’s to give your body something to do. You’ve been asleep for eight hours, after all, and your body needs some kind of stimulus to properly wake up. A little food in your belly will get your metabolism properly chugging along for the day. Skipping breakfast is like trying to use a lawnmower without pulling the ripcord first.