Assembling an Emergency Wellness Kit

Credit: Unsplash
Less for injuries, more for peace of mind.

In a situation where you’re either stuck in the house or can’t get access to groceries, there are a handful of things you’ll definitely want to have on hand. This goes double for senior citizens, who may have more fragile bodies and need specific things. To that end, it wouldn’t hurt to assemble and set aside a set of helpful items. This stuff is less about treating injuries like a first aid kit, and more about offering little boosts and tide-overs until something more substantial can be obtained. Here’s a few staples for your kit.

Simple Foods

You’ll definitely want to include something to eat, but with a couple of caveats. You want it to be something that’s nutritious and filling, but also easy to prepare and doesn’t require additional ingredients. Soup and crackers are a good choice, provided they don’t have too much salt. Some tea bags certainly wouldn’t go amiss, either, especially since tea is good for a sore throat. Anything that can be prepared with just a bit of water is a good standard, overall.

Cleaning Supplies

Houses get dusty and gross when you leave them alone for a long time. If nothing else, you want to have some supplies to clean a couple of key rooms, like the kitchen, a bathroom, and your bedroom. Disinfectant wipes and spray are a must for this, and a Swiffer duster would be beneficial for everyone’s sinuses. You’ll also need some hygiene products like soap and tissues.

Basic Medicine

You want to get your basic bases covered with medical stuff. Nothing too specific or out there, just some cough drops, non-drowsy cold medicine, mild painkillers, and anti-inflammatories. All over the counter stuff, though if you know you will need something more specific, make sure to get that as well.


Vitamins are important in a situation where it’s harder to eat a balanced diet. Get a big bottle of multivitamins for your age group and take one in the morning. A bottle of vitamin C chewables can offer some extra immune system support as well.