The Five Foods For Ideal Brain Health

Credit: Unsplash
The right foods will keep you sharp in the synapses.

Your brain is the most sophisticated computer on the face of the Earth, biological or mechanical. But much like a regular computer, your brain requires certain nutrients in order to parse chemicals and fire off electrical signals and all that jazz. Your computer is powered by electricity and cooled by… whatever’s in a liquid cooler pump. In that same vein, the right foods keep your brain chugging along merrily, and in fact, some studies claim that eating these particular foods can help stave of the neurological degradation that leads to conditions like Alzheimer’s.

First on the menu is berries. Fresh berries are rich in antioxidants that keep your blood pumping smoothly. Clean blood means better oxygen processing, and better oxygen processing means improved cognitive functionality.

Second up is olive oil, the less processed the better. Olive oil’s particular cellular makeup helps expedite a brain function known as autophagy, which is sort of like a cleaning and recycling process. A little olive oil helps your brain cycle its cells and stay in top form.

Third is greens, and I’m talking the dark stuff like spinach. Leafy greens are rich in folate, a kind of spin-off of vitamin B9. B9 deficiencies are often associated with mental health conditions like dementia and depression, so more of the stuff will help you stay upbeat and alert.

Credit: Unsplash

Fourth is omega-3s, commonly found in fish and nuts. The reason they call fish “brain food” is that omega-3 fatty acids empower the cells in your brain. More omega-3s keep your brain cells healthy, which helps you stay in control of your cognitive state.

Fifth and final is spices. In a similar vein to berries, the heating properties of spices like turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger promote improved blood flow, fighting off inflammation and improving your mood in the process.