Summer is the Season for Watermelon

Credit: Unsplash
Smack it open and enjoy the juiciness.

This is a bit of a tangent, but have you ever tried watermelon with some regular salt on it? I’ve never tried it myself, but I know a guy who swears by it; he says it brings out all the sweet juiciness even more. Watermelon’s pretty sweet and juicy as it is, so that’s gotta be quite the taste sensation. Anywho, on the subject of watermelon, it’s summer, and you should eat some.

If there’s two things a plate of fresh and delicious watermelon slices has going for it, it’s water content and satiety (which, in actually, is kind of the same thing in this case). Watermelons got their namesake because they are absolutely bursting with fresh, hydrating goodness. Eating some watermelon can provide your body with as much hydration as a glass of water, and goodness knows we could all stand to hydrate a little more. That increased concentration of water also makes watermelon surprisingly filling. A few slices of the stuff, and you won’t want to eat anything else, which makes it a fantastic snack for dieting.

Like most fresh fruit, watermelon is also rich in antioxidants, which are great for managing your blood pressure and, according to certain studies, protecting your body against cancer. Of course, even if watermelon wasn’t full of antioxidants, that yummy flavor would probably calm you down enough to lower your blood pressure anyway.

Credit: Unsplash

The only downside to watermelon unfortunately comes from that sweet taste. While watermelon’s sweetness is completely natural, it arises from a particular kind of naturally-occurring fructose. This particular flavor of fructose is mostly harmless, but can trigger some intestinal problems in people with bowel conditions like IBS. If you suffer from a condition like that, it may be wise to lay off the watermelon a bit.